Primary Research

At Card Not Present® we understand that content is king and your customers crave the creative insights and information that will help drive their businesses forward. Partner with us on a research project and we will help you develop your questions, set up the back-end functionality, promote it to our readership, compile all the data and pull out the key takeaways. A Partnership with CNP will differentiate you and show that you are a true thought leader in the industry with high quality, non-biased results – your customers will be compelled to view.

2018 CNP Fraud Operations Study

In fraud prevention, we are all fighting a common enemy and better information benefits EVERY MERCHANT IN THE ECOSYSTEM. This inaugural survey will be an annual benchmark undertaken by Card Not Present, with generous support from Risk Ident, measuring how e- and m-commerce merchants conduct their anti-fraud operations. Get the answers to these questions and more…

  • What do fraud teams measure and how do they define success?
  • To whom do they report in the organizational structure?
  • To whom and how do they assign manual reviews?
  • What tools are most effective and how do they evaluate them?

Get the Results | 2018 CNP Fraud Operations Study

2018 CNP Fraud Operations Study