Identity Trust Global Network Month

March is Identity Trust Global Network Month at Card Not Present (sponsored by Kount).

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Kount Identity Trust Global Network Site

Identity Trust Global Network

Upgrade Your Fraud Prevention

Identity Trust is the ability to establish the level of trust for each identity behind every payment, account creation, and login event. Linked by AI, the Identity Trust Global Network combines trust and fraud signals from 32 billion annual interactions to block fraud in real-time and to enable personalized customer experiences.


Kount Business Impact Brief

Identity & Trust: The Prerequisites for a Personalized User Experience

Learn why effective fraud prevention providers must deliver:

  • An identity-driven framework
  • A diverse and extensive data network
  • AI and advanced analytics
  • Highly accurate assessments


Kount Arcteryx Case Study

Rethinking eCommerce to Deliver Personalized Customer Experiences

With innovative designs and uncompromising quality, Arc’teryx is the outfitter-of-choice for adventurers. As it expanded beyond wholesale distribution and into eCommerce sales, Arc’teryx wanted to extend their department store’s personalized shopping experience to its digital customers. At the same time, rising fraud and the threat of chargeback monitoring programs slowed growth.


Kount’s Email First Seen Indicates Identity Trust

Fraud prevention best practices often stress that sophisticated fraud attacks require sophisticated prevention strategies. Since fraud tactics are dynamic, new technologies and approaches are needed to stay ahead of it. Email First Seen is a simple and direct approach to smart fraud prevention.

From logging in to a loyalty account or confirming a purchase, consumers are often asked for their email addresses. Consumers are conditioned to provide this detail and accept that by submitting their email, they will receive purchase verifications, a receipt, and shipping confirmations. They typically do not associate being asked for an email address with friction. Yet, that email address holds a deep well of information for businesses that seek to confirm the identity of the consumer purchasing their product.

Many digital businesses see a correlation between...

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Moving Beyond Typical Fraud Prevention to Identity Trust

Fraud prevention is moving away from simply stopping fraud losses to establishing trust with customers. This shift means that businesses can approach their strategic fraud prevention in new ways. Businesses can determine the level of trust and risk they are comfortable accepting in order to block fraud in real-time and to enable personalized customer experiences.

What is Identity Trust?

Identities are behind every customer interaction from account creation, to login, to payments. The ability to accurately and quickly establish the trust level behind an identity is...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Attend Kount’s Virtual Digital Protection Summit

For the first time, Kount’s Digital Protection Summit ’20 will be held as a virtual event, and it’s scheduled for April 16, 2020. The Summit showcases presentations from industry leaders who will share current trends and best practices in the digital innovation and fraud protection space. Our in-person event will be back in 2021. Skip the travel and hotel reservations, and join our exciting virtual event—registration is free. Register today.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should attend:

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