Fraud's New Normal

April is Fraud's New Normal Month at Card Not Present (sponsored by Sift).

Check out the research & intel available to you below. Feature articles will be added throughout the month of April.



Digital Trust & Safety Index: A Rapidly-Changing Fraud Landscape

Read This Report to Learn:

  • Factors driving the 73% increase in payment fraud in 2019
  • The hottest month for payment fraud – and it’s not in the fall or winter
  • The payment type most commonly associated with fraud (and it’s not credit cards)
  • Which industries were the biggest targets for fraud in 2019



Insult Monitor: One-Pager

Read this one-pager to learn:

  • The impact that customer insults have on a business
  • How Trust and Safety teams can discover their true false positive rate with Insult Monitor
  • How Insult Monitor can help your business accept more orders, experience more growth, and create better customer experiences)





[Q&A] Sift’s Trust and Safety Experts on Fraud Prevention During Economic Unrest

A global pandemic disrupts the economy on a global scale. Sift’s Trust and Safety Architects—Kevin Lee, Jeff Sakasegawa, and Brittany Allen—came together to discuss what merchants need to watch out for, and how to stay proactive about protecting customers and growth during an era of unpredictability.



Sift Data Report: How the Global Pandemic Is Affecting Specific Industries and Consumer Behavior

You don’t have to look further than the front page of your local newspaper to know that Covid-19, and the global response to combat it, is affecting the economy. But while some verticals are being hammered by widespread stay-at-home orders and general uncertainty, some industries are seeing unprecedented demand.

To get a handle on which industries are being hardest hit and which are seeing explosive growth, we analyzed our internal event volume data. An event is any interaction a customer

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Navigating Fraud Prevention in a Period of Economic Unrest

The world’s merchants are currently facing a series of questions, challenges, and unknowns in the face of COVID-19; coupled with a lack of time to prepare, uncertainty surrounds day-to-day decisions and the impact they might have on tomorrow. Sift’s Trust and Safety Architects (TASAs) Kevin Lee, Jeff Sakasegawa, and Brittany Allen weigh in on what merchants must be aware of to protect customers and maintain growth during this period of unpredictability.

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How to Adapt to Changing Consumer Behavior in Uncertain Times

One thing is absolutely certain in these uncertain times—we are all feeling the impact of the global pandemic. Businesses are being forced to adapt to ever-evolving circumstances, especially when it comes to fighting fraud. In fact, just days ago, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released guidance on seven coronavirus-related scams that are targeting businesses.

But it’s not just businesses that are changing their behavior in response to the current situation—consumer buying habits are radically different than they were just a few months ago. And, that evolving behavior can...

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