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CNP Awards Process

There are two awards given in each solution provider category and one award for the Merchant Team of the Year.

  • The Judges Choice Award is selected by our panel of expert judges comprised of five card-not-present fraud, risk and payments industry experts.
  • The Customer Choice Award will be selected by an online vote of merchant customers and users of the various products and solutions. The winner in each category will be based on a majority vote

CNP Vendor Awards

Offering 14 different solution categories, each category will have a Judges Choice Award and a Customer Choice Award. The Judges Choice Award is selected by a panel of independent experts chosen for their deep experience in the industry, while the Customer Choice Award will be given in each category based on input from your customers!

CNP Merchant "Team of the Year"

The CNP Merchant “Team of the Year” category recognizes a team that has used innovative techniques to overcome fraud / payments challenges or launched a unique e-commerce platform for their business. There is no fee to enter. Just submit a short description of why your business (or your customer!) should be considered (for example: include issues faced, solutions implemented and results).


Merchant Team of the Year

Recognizing merchants who have used innovative techniques to overcome challenges with fraud or launched a unique payments platform for their business.

Best Antifraud Solution - Case Management

Provider of the solution that best measures and guides online merchants on the risk of a transaction or user. Case management tools can use rules-based scoring systems, machine learning or both to identify and flag suspicious online transactions, users or other abuse.

Best Antifraud Solution - Managed Solution

Provider of the managed, outsourced technology and solution that most effectively identifies and prevents fraud by performing all or part of a digital merchant’s fraud-related work—often including consultative advice, manual review resources and/or chargeback guarantees.

Best Antifraud Solution - Mobile Solution

Provider or solution that best identifies and/or prevents fraud in the mobile channel. Mobile specific fraud prevention tools leverage the unique capabilities of transactions created on mobile devices to assess risk of fraud. Tools that work to prevent fraud across all devices are eligible, provided they have specific capabilities that encompass mobile devices.

Best Antifraud Solution - Startup

Provider or solution of a business less than 3 years that best identifies and prevents fraudulent activity through fraud case management, rules engines or big data analysis while enabling merchants to accept as many transactions as possible.

Best Call Center Solution

The provider whose technology most effectively supports secure payment via phone in call-center environments through masking payment details, outsourcing, secure payment storage, etc.

Best Chargeback Management Program

Program that most effectively prevents chargebacks or reduced time and cost to merchants associated with processing them, whether via technology that automates the process, consultative services educating merchants on how to minimize chargebacks or other methods.

Best Compliance Solution

Provider that most effectively assists merchants in their efforts to remain compliant with industry and/or regulatory standards governing various practices including assessing risk, collecting taxes, accepting payments, collecting and/or storing private information and more.

Best E-Commerce Platform / Gateway

E-Commerce application service provider that most effectively and safely connects consumers with merchants and merchants with acquirers, processors and issuers during purchase and authorization.

Best Identity Verification / Authentication Solution

Provider or solution that most effectively authenticates and verifies the identity of cardholders in a CNP environment through directory services, two-factor authentication, 3DSecure or other means.

Best International CNP Program

Payment provider located outside the U.S. that most effectively meets the specific needs of merchants that accept CNP payments.

Best Mobile Solution

Solution that most effectively enables consumers to make CNP purchases using a mobile device. Includes any method that facilitates mobile commerce including open and closed wallets, apps, direct-carrier billing, etc.

Best Payment Service Provider (PSP)

Company or solution leveraging the PSP or aggregator model that provides e-commerce and m-commerce merchants with the best merchant services and/or payment processing.

Best Processor

Payments processor that most effectively responds to the special requirements of merchants operating in the CNP space. Company is not required to serve CNP merchants exclusively, but its solution specifically must address their needs.

Best Subscription / Recurring Billing Program

Provider that offers the best solution to enable automatic recurring billing while most effectively optimizing authorizations and reducing declines.

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