Sift is the 2022 Best Antifraud Solution—Case Management, Judges Choice

Best Antifraud Solution—Case Management

Sift Logo 2021For the second year in a row, Sift wins top honors, named by an independent panel of judges as Best Antifraud Solution—Case Management at the 2022 CNP Awards. It’s the third time in five years Sift has taken home a Judges Choice award for Best Antifraud Solution.

The San Francisco-based antifraud technology provider has been serving CNP merchants since 2013 and counts Airbnb, Glassdoor, Instacart, McDonald’s, Shutterstock, Twitter, Wayfair and Zillow among its varied client base.

Sift is a pioneer in transitioning the industry from a narrow focus on fraud prevention to the broader concept of digital trust and safety (DT&S). That philosophy, it notes, has become increasingly important as fraud departments are tasked with rooting out all kinds of abuse in addition to payment fraud.

“With the rise of the pandemic, fraud has become a dynamic, ever-evolving challenge that can only be combated with an equally dynamic and innovative fraud solution to stay one step ahead,” the company says. “While companies and competitors rush to combat fraud with disparate siloed solutions, Sift has zeroed in on creating a holistic platform to prevent abuse across the entire customer lifecycle.”

In 2021, Sift acquired Chargeback and Keyless in moves it says will enhance security and improve customer service. Chargeback has enabled Sift to level up its real-time dispute management for merchants by giving them access to a complete solution that addresses risk before, during, and after user transactions. And, through passwordless authentication provider Keyless, Sift has incorporated biometric authentication into its platform and eliminate the risk of password-based account takeovers.

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