Sift is the 2021 Best Antifraud Solution—Case Management, Judges Choice

Best Antifraud Solution—Case Management

Sift Logo 2021Sift returns to the ranks of CNP Award winners for the first time since back-to-back wins in 2017 and 2018 when it took top honors from our panel of independent judges in the Best Antifraud Solution—Case Management category.

The San Francisco-based antifraud technology provider has been serving CNP merchants since 2013 and counts Airbnb, DoorDash, McDonald’s, Shutterstock, Twitter and Wayfair among its varied client base.
Sift is a pioneer in transitioning the industry from a narrow focus on fraud prevention to the broader concept of digital trust and safety (DT&S).

The company says its DT&S Suite empowers businesses of all sizes to leverage machine learning as the primary technology to protect themselves from fraud and abuse while growing the bottom line—an approach that aligns risk and revenue decisions for organizations engaged in digital commerce. Other methods of fraud prevention, it claims, silo analysts, customer service reps, and product designers, so decisions are made and products are created without regard for customer safety. Sift bakes risk detection into the entire decision-making process and treats customer safety and experience as one, so businesses no longer have to choose between increasing revenue and decreasing fraud.

The company’s global machine learning models are customized for every customer, tailoring them to detect unique fraud needs including real-time learning from custom attributes and actions. Producing real-time risk scores for every interaction along the user journey, including account creation, logins, orders, content posting, and any custom events, allows customers to make instant and accurate decisions about the legitimacy of user actions. Each risk score is derived through a combined analysis of both custom machine learning models and Sift’s global network model allowing the platform to tackle nearly any type of fraud threat.

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