Pipl is the 2022 Best Identity Verification / Authentication Solution, Customer Choice

Best Identity Verification / Authentication Solution

Pipl Logo 2021For the second year in a row, Pipl has received the most customer votes for Best Identity Verification/Authentication Solution. Pipl has been collecting and connecting identity information across millions of public information sources since 2005, and their identity trust solutions are used by more than 1,000 customers and growing.

In a world where no single digital identity source can be trusted, Pipl helps merchants of all kinds provide frictionless customer experiences and approve more transactions with greater confidence and speed. While much of their business focuses on identity verification in ecommerce, Pipl also work with some of the world's most prominent companies in banking and finance, government services, insurance, law enforcement, media and journalism, sales and marketing, threat intelligence, travel and hospitality.

Pipl’s technology specializes in collecting and identifying the traces of people’s relationships so that analysts and automated tools can quickly confirm the legitimacy of transactions featuring multiple identities whose connections would not otherwise be obvious. They accomplish this by using multivariate linking to establish deep connections among more than 100 billion disparate identifiers including email, mobile phone and social media data that spans the globe and then look at the big picture. Their identity resolution engine continuously collects, cross-references and connects identity records to create data clusters across the internet and numerous exclusive sources.

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