PCI Pal is the 2022 Best Call Center Solution, Customer Choice

Best Call Center Solution

PCI Pal Logo 2021PCI Pal returns to the customer choice winners circle again this year for Best Call Center Solution. The company swept the category in both 2018 and 2021 as well as winning the customer choice category in 2017. At the forefront of the customer experience, PCI Pal continues to mold to the rapidly changing payments landscape and has proven this through the turbulence of the pandemic. Businesses across industries had to shift to work from home (WFH) structures when the pandemic struck, which, in turn, set up a breeding ground for cyber-attacks. A WFH model can potentially lead to bad habits, such as employees using both personal and work computers, opening a plethora of new accounts on different devices, and of course, setting numerous weak passwords.

PCI Pal didn't just recognize the need for companies to enhance how they handled customer payments in a secure and compliant way, they took action, launching Rapid Remote in April 2020, which enables organizations to deploy a solution in as fast as 48 hours. This solution was critical at a time when organizations had to quickly move their employees remotely while still maintaining their customers’ security.

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