Paya is the 2022 Best Payment Service Provider (PSP), Judges Choice Winner

Best Payment Service Provider (PSP)

Paya logo fullPaya, an Atlanta, Ga.-based payments provider, has been named by an independent panel of judges as winner in the Best Payment Service Provider category at the 2022 CNP Awards. Paya, formerly known as Sage Payment Solutions, enables payments for more than 100,000 customers and processes over $40 billion annually.

One of seven first-time CNP Award winners, Paya focuses on offering payment solutions to the middle market. Forty percent of Paya’s transaction value comes from merchant customers processing $5 million in transactions or more each year. The rest comes from smaller merchants.

The company’s payment technology is centered around Paya Connect, a proprietary, API-driven and service-oriented payments platform that integrates with e-commerce merchants’ front-end CRM and back-end accounting software. It is also a universal gateway that connects to multiple card processors.

Being cloud-native, Paya Connect enables customers to scale their businesses in a seamless manner, without requiring system upgrades or additional work efforts. The company says it caters to that scale by offering targeted support to each client, with Paya Connect serving as the foundation for modular value-added solutions, such as digital boarding, auto-billing, and e-invoicing.

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