Mondia Pay

Mondia Pay is the 2021 Best Mobile Payment Solution, Customer Choice

Best Mobile Payment Solution

Mondia Pay Logo 2021Focusing on unbanked consumers in emerging markets mainly in Africa and the Middle East, Mondia Pay is one of nine companies that won CNP Awards this year, garnering the top spot in the Best Mobile Payment category, according to an online vote of merchant customers. The company is live with more than 200 merchants including Amazon, Huawei, Tinder and more.

Mondia Pay enables unbanked consumers in emerging markets to pay for digital goods by adding the charge to their mobile bill. While direct carrier billing has not enjoyed large-scale adoption in the U.S., it has found favor in the developing world.

The Dubai-based company says it is connected to more nearly 85 operators across 60 countries with a potential reach of over 1.5 billion consumers

Mondia Pay provides a fully integrated 360deg approach, which includes easy simple API integration, anti-fraud solutions, growth marketing including acquisition and lifecycle management and most importantly connection to new operators’ subscribers around the world.

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