Microsoft is the 2021 Best Antifraud Solution—Mobile Solution, Customer Choice

Best Antifraud Solution—Mobile Solution

microsoftIn 2021, Microsoft makes its debut as a CNP Award winner, garnering the top spot in the Best Antifraud Solution—Mobile Solution, in an online vote of customers. The enterprise software giant, with its Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection (DFP) launching only 16 months ago, is a relative newcomer to the antifraud space. But the Customer Choice award testifies to its overall distribution strength and market reach.

Microsoft touts DFP as a cloud-based solution designed to help merchants protect their revenue and reputation by combating purchase, account, and omni-channel return and discount fraud with adaptive AI technology. Through the product’s fraud protection network, the company says it customers benefit from Microsoft’s connected knowledge that gives them broad awareness of fraud activity across the globe, providing better insights and enabling business intelligence. The solution helps protect companies with mobile scenarios in industries such as retail, gaming, food services, and high-tech.

Through its Transaction Acceptance Booster, DFP has “trust knowledge exchange” with financial institutions including American Express and Capital One in which Microsoft customers benefit from information sharing. Users can incorporate information from credit card issuers into their fraud screening to make more informed assessments.

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