Ground Labs

Ground Labs is the 2021 Best PCI Compliance Solution, Judges Choice

Best PCI Compliance Solution

Ground Labs Logo 2021E-commerce retailers are only one sector that uses Ground Labs to protect their sensitive data. The Austin, Texas-based company, which is one of nine first-time CNP Award winners and won over our panel of judges in the Best PCI Compliance Solution category, also serves the gaming, financial services, telecom, transportation and hospitality industries, as well as the public sector.

The company’s Card Recon and Enterprise Recon solutions are currently licensed by more than 3,200 users including 55 Qualified Security Assessors and PCI Forensic Investigators.

PCI DSS compliance can be hard to achieve as well as maintain. With the velocity, variety and value of data continuing to rise, organizations can struggle to keep track of how sensitive cardholder information as it flows through an organization’s network. And because PCI DSS compliance requirements are updated to remain applicable to current business practices (the current standard is PCI DSS 3.2.1), it can be difficult to remain compliant and prepare for the next update, which is expected to be introduced mid-2021.

Enterprise Recon, according to Ground Labs, is a proprietary technology that enables a more efficient data discovery process across the broadest set of platforms available. While other scanning solutions and technologies can help organizations identify missing or list PCI DSS data, Enterprise Recon allows customers to remediate the risk of payment card data through encryption, masking, deletion and even data quarantine options.

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