DataDome is the 2022 Best Antifraud Solution—Startup, Customer Choice

Best Antifraud Solution—Startup

DataDome-LogoThe 2022 customer choice winner for Best Antifraud Solution – Startup is DataDome. In September 2021, DataDome released its new version of its online fraud and bot management solution, empowering users to dive into each attack, better understand its trajectory, and report back with actionable insights around cyber threats. Specific threats that DataDome’s solution addresses include fake account creation, card fraud, account takeover (ATO) and credential stuffing.

DataDome’s solution collects & processes a trillion signals in real-time every day, detecting a bad bot every millisecond with no added latency which makes its protection completely invisible for 99.99% of customers. This advanced detection approach helps protect all vulnerable endpoints along the customer journey, from log-in pages to “Add to Cart” funnels and checkout, undeniably one of the most sensitive endpoints, where payment fraud occurs. As a result, customers can stay ahead of the curve on protecting PII, get fraudulent transactions close to 0 , and maintain integrity of user accounts in compliance with GDPR, CCPA, etc.

DataDome is one of seven first-time winners of a CNP Award in 2022.

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