CSG Forte

CSG Forte is the 2022 Best E-Commerce Platform / Gateway, Customer Choice & Best Processor, Judges Choice

Best E-Commerce Platform / Gateway & Best Processor

CSG ForteAfter debuting at the CNP Awards in 2021, CSG Forte followed up with honors in two categories in 2022. The Allen, Texas-based payments provider, which rebranded as CSG Forte after its acquisition by billing solutions provider CSG Systems International in 2018, nabbed the Judges Choice award in the Best Processor category along with reprising its role as Customer Choice winner in the Best E-Commerce Platform/Gateway category.

The company says in 2021 it processed 173 million transactions for more than 81,000 merchants across gateway, PayFac and aggregator models.

CSG Forte offers merchants and partners payment solutions that include credit/debit card processing, ACH/eCheck origination, Nacha-compliant bank account validation and fraud prevention. Through superior customer service and a modern payment stack, CSG Forte helps organizations of all sizes reduce transaction costs, mitigate risk, and increase operational efficiencies.

Its solution includes CSG Forte Checkout (FCO), which is an intuitive, robust, PCI compliant, customizable checkout solution that enables businesses to securely accept credit card and ACH transactions. FCO offers tokenization of customer information, billing addresses and payment methods. Tokenization and stored information make for easier recurring sales, better data integration and stronger authentication, which is a critical aspect in protecting cardholder data in a CNP environment.

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