Chargebee is the 2022 Best Subscription / Recurring Billing Program, Judges Choice Winner

Best Subscription / Recurring Billing Program

ChargebeeChargebee, a San Francisco-based payments provider, is the Judges Choice winner in the Best Subscription/Recurring Billing Solution category at the 2022 CNP Awards. It is the first CNP Award for Chargebee, founded in 2011.

The company notes the increasing popularity of the subscription model and that a quickly growing number of merchants want to offer their customers goods and services on a recurring basis. But many businesses encounter difficulties because their financial teams, though they prize the predictable revenue stream, lack the right toolkit to effectively manage and understand it.

Chargebee offers a complete revenue growth engine for subscription businesses to capture, retain and maximize revenue opportunities. Customers can easily expand into new geographies with support for various payment methods, currencies and languages, and implement an automated revenue process, allowing for auto-pilot recovery and upgrade options that provide greater value so that businesses can craft opportunities to upsell to existing customers, fulfill contract terms, and maximize the lifetime value of each customer.

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