Chargebacks911 is the 2022 Best Chargeback Management Solution, Customer Choice

Best Chargeback Management Solution

Chargebacks911 Logo 2021For the seventh consecutive year, Chargebacks911 has garnered top honors in the Best Chargeback Management Solution category. The Florida-based company accumulated the most votes in an online poll of customers.

The comprehensive CB911 platform solves merchant chargeback problems, both now and over time, including consistently fewer disputes, a balanced chargeback ratio, and maximized revenue recovery have made Chargebacks911 the solution embraced by many major merchant brands as well as some of the largest payment processors in the world who utilize their technology to standardize and facilitate processing/communications between merchants and acquirers.

Available services include tactical representments, dynamic prevention, a combination Mastercard accredited and Visa-approved processing, seamless integration and scaling, long-term chargeback solutions, intelligent source detection, merchant compliance reviews, error-risk-threat notifications, benchmarking, tracking and reporting.

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