Chargebacks911 is the 2021 Best Chargeback Management Solution, Customer Choice

Best Chargeback Management Solution

Chargebacks911 Logo 2021Chargebacks continue to be a major concern of the CNP community and are a leading indicator of fraud. And, for the sixth consecutive year, Chargebacks911 has garnered top honors in the Best Chargeback Management Solution category, according to an online vote of customers.

The Clearwater, Fla.-based company says better communication is the key to merchants more effectively handling their chargebacks. Nearly all friction and pain points in the existing chargeback system stem from ineffective communication, it says.

CB911’s chargeback management solution facilitates fast, accurate communication between all parties that involves more than simply supplying additional numbers and raw information. The solution is designed to communicate the “story behind the data” and facilitate action steps. It delivers the most pertinent information to the appropriate parties, simultaneously explaining the data’s relevance and any necessary actions.

The company offers a proprietary, service-based hybrid review system that balances automation with human intelligence. Representments are matched to each individual claim, effectively communicating cases and increasing win rates. The solution also continuously loops data back into the system, feeding both the internal learning engine and third-party fraud-prevention systems. Customized reports place less emphasis on raw data, and instead communicate the significance and context of the information.

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