2Checkout is the 2021 Best Subscription / Recurring Billing Solution, Customer Choice

Best Subscription / Recurring Billing Solution

2Checkout Verifone Logo 20212Checkout is a first-time winner at the CNP Awards, taking home the Customer Choice Award in the Best Subscription/Recurring Billing Solution category this year. The Columbus, Ohio-based company was acquired by point-of-sale manufacturer Verifone in Sept. 2020.

The company’s solution includes revenue recovery tools enabling merchants to “rescue” 20 percent of subscription revenue from customers who want to cancel their subscriptions or renewal payments that don’t go through.

“From the first order or trial, through to onboarding, upgrading, and renewal, 2Checkout's subscription billing solution will help you manage subscriptions and customers, deal with invoices and recurring billing, and improve your revenue,” the company says. “Quickly set up and optimize the commerce experience across multiple channels, from one simple interface.”

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