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This category was created to recognize merchants who have used innovative techniques to overcome payment, fraud and risk management challenges for their business.

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2021 Merchant Team of the Year

G2A Logo 2021G2A.COM, which bills itself as the largest marketplace for gamers and geeks all around the world, is the winner of CNP’s Merchant Team of the Year award for 2021. The company lets users sell high-risk digital goods, including prepaid cards. Its 24 million customers pay using credit cards and hundreds of local and global payment methods.

When it comes to fraud, G2A.COM's policy is and always has been zero tolerance and a layered approach. The marketplace bans any and all sellers who acquired their keys through illegal means. G2A.COM also offers a wide array of solutions for video game developers that help them in their fight against online fraud.

G2A Marketplace employs a complex seller verification procedure. While thorough, it is also transparent and easy to follow. Sellers must fill in a dedicated form and provide all necessary documents. Once submitted, they will then undergo in-depth analysis and verification. Once the process is complete, the seller can begin offering their products on G2A Marketplace. All seller details are safe with G2A.COM in accordance with GDPR and other regulations.

The first line of defense is an automated system that verifies the keys uploaded by the sellers. Next, a price check is performed to spot any anomalies in the pricing of a particular game compared to other offers on the marketplace, followed by a manual check to see if everything is in order. Combined with a meticulous seller verification process, this allows G2A.COM to be extremely effective in rooting out a wide variety of fraud types.

G2A Marketplace uses AI-powered, multi-layered methodology to identify fraudulent buyers and risky transactions. This technology is augmented by world-class specialists who review the transactions manually and detect potential problems based on factors such as users' identities, devices, behaviors and account histories. Transactions are monitored 24/7 so that nothing suspicious comes through. This also helps ensure successful and secure payments.

In addition to the above, G2A.COM's systems perform detailed data analyses in order to minimize financial losses due to chargebacks, as well as daily verification of statistical reports regarding the detection of anomalies and suspicious user behavior.


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