Paciolan is the 2020 Merchant Team of the Year

Merchant Team of the Year

Paciolan-logo-2020Paciolan, a company specializing in the online sale of event tickets has nabbed the Merchant Team of the Year award. While the CNP Awards have existed for nearly a decade, this is only the third year CNP has bestowed Merchant Team of the Year Award. The Irvine, Calif.-based company has emerged as a collaborative leader in its space, hosting bi-weekly calls with other ticketing organizations to share information on fraud operations, trends, emerging threats, etc.

“Each of the respective teams on the call use a slightly different set of tools, vendor solutions, in house solutions, and best practices and we have built an active community that benefits all involved,” according to Holly Sandberg, Paciolan’s credit and fraud manager. “We can pick up the phone at any time and have the invaluable opinion of a peer on how to get the most out of device fingerprinting, or a better way to build a rule, or insights into evaluating machine learning.”

The company also emphasized that internal culture plays a huge role in effective operations of a unit that can face significant challenges on a day-to-day basis.

“We focus on getting the best possible performance and return from our solution providers, in house tools, and efforts to work with other departments to advocate for keeping fraud prevention and payments front of mind,” Sandberg said. “It is especially important to me that our team have fun doing it. If we aren’t laughing every day, and celebrating success every day, and if everyone isn’t sincerely invested in our growth and success, I don’t think I’ve done my job as a manager.”

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