Tala Security

Tala Security is the 2020 Best Antifraud Solution (Startup) | Judge's & Customer Choice

Best Antifraud Solution (Startup)

Tala-Security-logo-2020Tala Security, one of eight first-time CNP Award winners, has received the inaugural Best Antifraud Solution for a startup. We decided to honor startups in this category separately to recognize innovation by new companies in this very competitive space. Tala has nabbed both the Judges and Customer Choice awards in the category.

Fremont, Calif.-based Tala focuses on protecting merchant websites from magecart-type attacks—malicious code inserted on a checkout page designed to steal credit card data and other personal information.

The company’s analysis engine monitors unique indicators on a web page to detect anomalous activity. It uses AI tuned to industry standards to protect merchant websites protect against a wide range of app layer attacks like magecart, formjacking, cross-site scripting, click jacking, iframe injection, client-side malware, etc.

“As attackers continue to seek alternative and innovative paths to commit fraud it’s important that security solutions match this pace and prevent attacks against a broad attack surface,” the company said. “No other solution provider in this emerging space offers similar breadth of coverage to safeguard websites against magecart attacks targeting CNP fraud.”

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