Kount is the 2020 Best Antifraud Solution (Established) | Customer Choice

Best Antifraud Solution (Established)

Kount-logo-2020Kount’s astonishing run in the CNP Awards continues in 2020. For the eighth year in a row, the Boise, Idaho-based company has been chosen by an online vote of customers as the Best Antifraud Solution.

As a CNP Award winner over multiple years covering nearly a decade, Kount has become a well-known and trusted provider of antifraud technology for e-commerce merchants. The company says it has continued to invest in its solution and has added unsupervised and supervised machine learning capabilities to its repertoire recently.

In 2019, Kount introduced its most advanced AI-driven fraud prevention solution yet. The company says more than 6,500 brands around the world use its solution that combines machine learning, a flexible policy engine, self-service analytics, and a web-based case-management and investigation system.

“Kount’s AI emulates the instinct and experience of a fraud analyst by taking into account both historical fraud patterns and anomalies,” the company said. “The historical fraud data is analyzed using supervised machine learning that’s trained on Kount’s Universal Data Network that includes billions of transactions over 13 years, 6,500 customers, 250+ countries and territories, and multiple payment networks. Then, potential anomalies and emerging fraud are analyzed using unsupervised machine learning—technology that employs advanced algorithms and models to detect anomalies much faster, more accurately, and on a more scalable basis than human judgment alone.”

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