PCI Pal is the 2019 Best PCI Compliance Provider | Judge's & Customer Choice

Best PCI Compliance Provider

pcipalFor the second year in a row, London-based PCI Pal has locked up the Best PCI Compliance provider by winning both the Judges and Customer Choice awards.

PCI Pal’s vision is to be the preferred solution provider for organizations delivering PCI compliance for phone payments. Easy to integrate and deploy, the company’s technology provides a compelling value proposition for partners to achieve customer compliance and safeguard reputations and trust.

The company is able to deliver services and regionalize data globally through a single service from its cloud environment ensuring integrations with existing telephony, payment, and desktop environments is simple and light-touch, with no degradation of service. It boasts a deep history in voice and contact center environments, both technically and operationally, which informs delivery of services sensitive to specific environments.

Customer Best PCI Compliance Provider

Judges Best PCI Compliance Provider