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Century Business Solutions is the 2019 Best Payment Service Provider (PSP) | Judge's & Customer Choice

Best Payment Service Provider (PSP)

century-business-solutionsFor the second year in a row Century Business Solutions has been named by both a panel of judges and by an online vote of customers as Best Payment Service Provider.

EBizCharge, the company’s payment gateway, automates the payment process. By reducing data entry, lowering processing costs, and securing every transaction, EBizCharge, saves merchants time and money to grow their core business and increase revenue.

Fully PCI compliant and protected by encryption and tokenization, EBizCharge integrates with more than 50 top accounting systems and e-commerce platforms and allows merchants to accept credit, debit, EMV, and ACH payments directly in their software. The PSP is also backed by 24/7 in-house support.

EBizCharge automatically marks invoices as paid and updates accounts receivable and the general ledger, eliminating time-consuming manual data entry, saving merchants who process 300 invoices a week save an average of seven hours. EBizCharge lowers interchange fees, giving merchants some of the most competitive rates in the business and a guaranteed cost savings. In some cases, EBizCharge has reduced monthly processing costs by up to 43 percent.

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