Barclays is the 2019 Best International CNP Program | Judge's Choice

Best International CNP Program


London-based Barclaycard has won the Judges Choice Award for Best International CNP Program, claiming a CNP Award for the first time.

CNP merchants operate in a highly competitive world and rely on Barclays to simplify their payments journey. Leveraging the power of machine learning on a large data set, Barclaycard optimizes payment routes and generates data-driven, actionable insights. Merchants increase payment acceptance rates and consumers experience a seamless payment journey. Barclay has strengthened partnerships with Data & Strategic Analytsics (DASA), bringing together vast data sets to achieve a single view of the customer.

This single view informs risk decisions and decreases friction in the payment experience to deliver Payments Acceptance Optimization (PAO). PAO continues to demonstrate significant contributions to merchant bottom-line growth, using Barclays' wealth of data and actionable insights from expert consultancy.

Judges Best International CNP Program