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Gala Technology is the 2019 Best International CNP Program | Customer Choice

Best International CNP Program

Gala Technology 2020

Gala Technology won an online vote of customers for Best International CNP Program. Like the Judges Choice winner in the same category, Gala is a first-time CNP Award winner.

The U.K. company’s SOTpay eliminates the risk of fraud-related charge-backs for businesses, by authenticating MOTO and Omni-channel (webchat/social media) CNP transactions and processing the payment in a PCI compliant manner.

The cloud-based technology does not require any additional hardware or amendments to existing telephony or network set up and is Acquirer and PSP agnostic. Eliminating the need for capital expenditure, SOTpay supports businesses of all sizes, and the attractive ‘pay-as-you-go’ contracts ensure the solution is affordable for level 1 to level 4 merchants alike.

The agent has constant visibility of where the cardholder is on the payment journey without seeing the card data. As SOTpay uses additional authentication methods during the payment process, it essentially converts a ‘non-secure’ CNP payment into a fully authenticated ‘secure’ payment, which is processed as such by the Acquirer, thus also shifting fraud-related liability from the merchant to the issuer.

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