Chargebacks911 is the 2019 Best Chargeback Management Solution | Judge's & Customer Choice

Best Chargeback Management Solution

2016-CNP-Award-Winner-Logo-Chargebacks911After three straight years of winning the Customer Choice award in the category, Chargebacks911 finally broke through with our judging panel, garnering its first Judges Choice award in the Best Chargeback Management Solution category. The company swept the category, also nabbing the Customer Choice award again.

National and global companies rely on CB911 and their solution is used exclusively by major processors.

The Florida-based company offers true end-to-end coverage, pre-transaction through re-presentment. Proprietary Intelligent Source Detection sees beyond reason codes, helping eliminate certain chargebacks at the source and the company relentlessly disputes all fraudulent chargebacks, delivering the highest win rates.

The solution is engineered to be customizable to virtually any situation, scalable to meet future growth, and flexible enough to adapt. We offer the only written, performance-based ROI guarantee in the industry.

Judges Best Chargeback Mgmnt Solution