Kount is the 2019 Best Antifraud Solution | Judge's & Customer Choice

Best Antifraud Solution

Kount-logo-2020While Kount has won the Customer Choice Best Antifraud Solution CNP Award for seven years straight, the Boise, Idaho-based company swept its category for the second time this year. Both the five-judge panel and the online vote of customers named Kount Best Antifraud Solution in 2014 and 2019.

Through its unique combination of machine learning, global network of transaction and identity data, control center, and self-service analytics, Kount empowers businesses to protect against payments fraud, account takeover, and new account creation fraud.

Kount Complete was updated in 2018 to include a new enhancement powered by AI/machine learning. Boost Technology is designed specifically to weigh the risk of fraud against the lifetime value of the customer.

Boost collects raw data points and converts them into over 100 identifiers. Interactions are compared to over 100 million historical records, with results being pushed through over 250 statistical models. As patterns emerge, Boost Technology generates a safety score, allowing customers to accept more good orders. This functionality adds no time to the review process, maintaining Kount’s response time of ~250 milliseconds.

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