Vindicia is the 2018 Best Subscription/Recurring Billing Solution | Judge's Choice

Best Subscription/Recurring Billing Solution

vindicaWinning the Judges Choice Award for Best Subscription / Recurring Billing Solution is Vindicia. The eleven-year-old company serves over 100 medium-sized and large-scale enterprise service providers, with clients in online services, publishing, media, content, entertainment, sports, communications, over-the-top (ott) services, and more.

The company says its paradigm for success is to acquire and retain subscription customers, and then expand. Vindicia offers two SAAS-based subscription and recurring card-not-present payment solutions: Vindicia Cashbox, a complete subscriber acquisition, billing, and retention platform, and Vindicia Select, a customer retention solution that works with existing billing systems to resolve failed payment transactions.

Cashbox supports clients through every stage, from acquisition, management, billing, and financials through retention, reporting, analytics, expansion, and success. The company reports that Cashbox provides a positive return on investment in six to 12 months and a 10-15% revenue uplift annually. Cashbox’s flexible product catalog lets merchants quickly change pricing, introduce new bundles, reach new audiences through coupons or promotion codes, and take full control of their business with the help of detailed analytics.

Select, which the company says is the only service of its kind on the market, is for merchants or service providers who already have an agile billing system in place. It is an add-on solution that increases the percentage of successful billings, driving higher revenue, higher subscriber retention, extended customer lifetime value and an improved customer experience. According to Vindicia, Select heals failed payment transactions, dramatically reducing involuntary churn by as much as 15-25% or more, boosting revenue by as much as five percent.

Judges Best Subscription Recurring Billing Solution