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Threat Metrix is the 2018 Best Identity Verification and Authentication Solution | Judge's Choice

Best Identity Verification and Authentication Solution

threatmetrixWinning the Judges Choice Award for Best Identity Verification and Authentication Solution is ThreatMetrix. More than 5,000 companies of all sizes worldwide use ThreatMetrix as their digital identity solution.

ThreatMetrix introduced ThreatMetrix ID in September 2017, and the company says its merchant customers have embraced the product as a way to recognize true customers, operate digital businesses securely and profitably, and improve the user experience. ThreatMetrix ID allows merchants to leverage unique, anonymized customer identifiers to make accurate trust and identity decisions in real time, empowering them to expand their online offerings and extend their reach to new global markets.

As interest in the digital identity space has increased over the last number of years, organizations have been trying to crack the code of universal customer IDs custom-fit for our online world, without relying on sensitive personally identifiable information. According to ThreatMetrix, ThreatMetrix ID is the first solution to offer a universal customer identifier that works across any website or app, within all industries, anywhere in the world.

Built from federated, globally shared information for 1.4 billion individuals, ThreatMetrix ID is fully tokenized, using non-reversible technology to protect privacy and ensure security. The company notes that ThreatMetrix ID offers dynamic visualizations of all attributes related to an individual: the devices they use, the locations they transact from, credentials and shipping addresses they use, etc. In addition, ThreatMetrix ID spans the entire customer journey in real time, and can be used for new account registration, logins, and payments, across mobile and desktop, and across different websites and apps.

Judges Best Identity Verification and Authentication Solution