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Cardinal Commerce is the 2018 Best Identity Verification and Authentication Solution | Customer Choice

Best Identity Verification and Authentication Solution

cardinal-comerceWinning the Customer Choice Award for Best Identity Verification and Authentication Solution is CardinalCommerce.

CardinalCommerce started offering a 3-D Secure solution soon after it was created in the early 2000s. In 2013, this product, Cardinal Consumer Authentication (CCA) was introduced, leveraging those 3-D secure protocols, to provide merchants with choice and control over the authentication process. Since 2013, Cardinal has continued to add functionality to address new developments in the payments arena, like preparing for 3-D secure 2.0 and offering friction-free authentication, balancing the risk.

Currently, Cardinal has over 35,000 customers, including issuers and merchants of all sizes. The company says that since its solution is simple to implement and merchants are charged for the solution based on the number of transactions authenticated, merchants from large enterprises to mom-and-pop businesses can use CCA effectively to reduce fraud, chargebacks, and false declines, while allowing consumers to check out without friction. This creates a win-win-win situation: Merchants can sell more products, issuers can book more transactions, and consumers can buy what they want online, without friction.

Cardinal notes that because it works with both merchants and issuers, it has the unique advantage of leveraging data from both sides, so the issuer has access to more merchant data, in advance of 3-D secure 2.0. Cardinal collects the enhanced data fields for 3D secure 2.0 now, for better decisioning today. With device data, issuers’ confidence is increased, so that the transaction can be confidently authenticated and then authorized by that issuer.

Customer Best Identity Verification and Authentication Solution