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Blue Pay is the 2018 Best E-Commerce Platform/Gateway | Customer Choice

Best E-Commerce Platform/Gateway

bluepayFor the third year running, BluePay has won the Customer Choice Award for Best E-Commerce Platform / Gateway. BluePay has been in business for the past 15 years, and the company attributes its success as an omnichannel merchant account provider to the fact that it continuously evaluates the payments ecosystem to stay at the forefront of technology. BluePay’s technology is completely developed in house by a team of 50+ resources.

The company says its PCI-compliant gateway provides robust functionality that helps its customers, more than 25,000 small to medium-sized merchants across North America, increase sales and streamline their business management processes.

With advanced merchant hierarchy and management functions, BluePay’s gateway includes a virtual terminal, batch uploading, recurring billing, account updater, detailed transaction reporting, and auto-close/manual settlement features. BluePay notes that its B2B and enterprise clients benefit from levels 2/3 processing via the virtual terminal or integration with their ERP system.

BluePay offers a suite of fraud management tools that allows merchants to set filters to help detect and reduce fraud. Merchants may also choose to use secure hosted payment forms and EMV chip readers, or integrate payment acceptance directly into their applications. As a secure omnichannel platform, the Bluepay Gateway allows merchants to accept payments via the virtual terminal, e-commerce integration, retail POS, hosted payment or donation forms, moto, IVR, and mobile. As a single-source provider, transactions across all channels are reported on the gateway for simplified reporting and reconciliation. And not only does the Bluepay Gateway accept typical forms of payment like credit, debit, and ACH, merchants can also accept alternative payments.

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