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Best Chargeback Management Solution

verifiWinning the 2018 Judges Choice Award for Best Chargeback Management Solution, for the third year in a row, is Verifi. Verifi Chargeback Management Systems serve more than 30,000 merchant accounts globally. The company’s solutions help merchants of all sizes, from emerging companies to the largest enterprise global brands, to effectively reduce chargebacks.

Verifi’s Total Chargeback Management Platform provides end-to-end protection throughout the payment life cycle against transaction disputes and chargebacks. Frictionless integration of all products allows merchants to easily implement its platform’s holistic solution to combat fraud and chargebacks.

The company’s suite of chargeback management solutions serves card-not-present and card-present merchants of digital and shipped goods and services. Its solutions are designed to help any merchant that handles payments, combats fraud, and needs to resolve and prevent chargebacks.

Verifi’s cardholder dispute resolution network (CDRN) has been in the market for 10 years, while their chargeback representment service has been in market for more than 12 years. After successfully piloting the program in 2016, Verifi officially launched Order Insight in 2017 to augment and lead their suite of chargeback and fraud prevention services. Verifi’s chargeback services are active internationally with a strong focus in North America, Europe and Asia pacific markets. The company says it is aggressively expanding into numerous countries, adding new merchants and issuers globally to deliver and establish a high-value footprint.

Judges Best Chargeback Management Solution