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Best Chargeback Management Solution

chargebacks-911For the third year in a row, Chargebacks911 has won the Customer Choice Award for Best Chargeback Management Solution. Founded in 2011, Chargebacks911 serves over 300 customers, managing more than two billion transactions annually with the goal of helping online merchants optimize profitability through chargeback management. The company’s typical customers are larger card-not-present merchants and/or merchants in higher risk arenas (such as those using subscription billing). Globally, Chargebacks911 currently handles 27 different verticals in various industries and over 85 currencies.

The company explains that dynamic technologies and tactical data analysis help decrease the negative impacts of chargebacks and disputes, thereby increasing customer retention and revenues.

In 2016, Chargebacks911 parlayed their in-depth card scheme expertise and understanding of merchant processes into an additional line of services—Error-Risk-Threat Notifications. These services were created after a merchant survey revealed the increasing need to not only predict liabilities, but granularly identify chargeback compliance risks and operational threats that silently siphon revenue and resources and determine how to resolve them.

A significant portion of preventable chargebacks are attributed to merchant error. Chargebacks911 has codified 119 internal errors that commonly lead to chargebacks. The company notes that it identifies and rectifies these issues, preventing up to 40 percent of chargebacks that would otherwise go unmitigated. Chargebacks911 maintains that it is the only service provider devoted to identifying the true source of each chargeback, which it considers to be a crucial component of effective chargeback management.

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