Sift is the 2018 Best Antifraud Solution | Judge's Choice

Best Antifraud Solution

sift-scienceThe Judges recognized Sift Science as the Best Antifraud Solution of 2018. Every day, leading internet companies like Airbnb, Yelp, Wayfair, Indeed, and Twitter rely on Sift Science’s global network of fraud data, 16,000+ fraud signals, and unique ability to detect and prevent fraud in real time.

The 7-year-old company estimates that about 500 customers across more than 12,000 websites and apps are using their Sift Science Digital Trust Platform, which launched in November 2011. This cloud-based platform enables businesses to fight the most prevalent and pervasive types of online fraud—from payment fraud and account takeover to content and account abuse—through one easy-to-use console experience. Device fingerprinting apps and websites worldwide send data in real time using Sift Science’s rest APIS, Javascript snippet, and mobile SDK. The company’s live machine learning technology analyzes terabytes of live data to identify complex fraudulent patterns and provide insight into users’ behavior. Sift Science’s technology alleviates the need for cumbersome manual reviews and allows fraud and product teams to investigate fraudsters and get insight into their business.

As a result, Sift Science says, its customers save time and money by preventing multiple types of fraud and abuse, creating operational efficiencies for their teams and driving a better understanding of their end users. At the same time, these businesses reduce friction, increase conversion rates, and grow revenue by using Sift Science to prevent false positives and optimize the customer experience. On top of that, Sift Science enables businesses to safely move into new markets that they previously deemed too risky.

Judges Best Antifraud Solution