Kount is the 2018 Best Antifraud Solution | Customer Choice

Best Antifraud Solution

kountFor the third year in a row, the Customer Choice Award for Best Antifraud Solution goes to Kount.

Kount is a global company helping processors and merchants of all sizes in more 190 countries and territories. Kount’s support of online payment processors, payment gateways, hosted payment pages, acquiring banks, and e-commerce platforms allows it to serve a broad swath of merchants in almost every industry wherever they are around the world. The company says its network sees nearly 50% of online and mobile transactions providing protection virtually anywhere the internet or mobile networks reach.

Launched in October 2014, Kount Central is designed for payment service providers, payment gateways, and e-commerce platforms. Kount Central is a comprehensive fraud protection suite developed to protect both the payment processor—including payment gateways, e-commerce platforms, acquiring banks, etc.—and their entire merchant portfolio, while offering value-added services and additional revenue streams. The company notes that adding fraud protection right into the authorization stream simplifies integration for both parties, reduces friction at checkout, and maximizes transaction acceptance. Kount Central protects processors and merchants of all sizes while increasing order acceptance rates, reducing chargebacks and the need for manual review.

Currently, Kount Central is implemented by more than 60 payment processors worldwide representing more than 100,000 merchants. Through the integration of Kount Central with processors, Kount serves a variety of industries including retail, apparel, travel, automotive, electronics, food/ beverage, health/beauty, digital goods, gaming, telco, insurance, ticketing/events, and more.

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