Dynamics Inc.

Dynamics Inc. is the 2018 Best Alternative Payment Solution | Judge's Choice

Best Alternative Payment Solution

dynamicsDynamics Inc. has won the Judges Choice Award for Best Alternative Payment Solution. Dynamics is a leader in end-to-end flexible electronics and next-generation payments systems. Dynamics’ core products—multi-account cards and security cards—have been in the market for over seven years, and the company recently unveiled its latest product, the Wallet Card, at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2018.

Dynamics’ products do not require any payments infrastructure changes, because they work wherever existing (plastic) cards work today. The Wallet Card is now being launched globally and can be used in any of the 210 countries that accept network-enabled payments.

The Wallet Card currently has support from three of the major networks, and it is the first payment card that has a network (Visa and MasterCard) certified core. It is ISO/IEC 7810 compliant, as well as FCC, CE, and ROHS compliant. The card is just as thin and durable as a traditional payment card, and features a fully flexible 65,000 pixel display that can display full payment card data.

The card has a number of chips, many of which are proprietary. One of these proprietary chips is the first organic recharging chip for use in battery-powered cards that recharges the card’s battery without user intervention so the card has extended life. A key feature of the card is the use of the first telecommunications chip and telecommunications antenna in a payment card. Data can be pushed to the card, or even pulled from the card, through direct communications with telecommunications towers using traditional telecommunications service, allowing banks to be connected directly to their customers.

Judges Best Alternative Payment Solution