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Best PCI Compliance Provider

CNP-2017-Award-Winner-PCI-PalPCI Pal, a four-year-old company based in London, is a global provider of PCI DSS compliance technologies for the contact center industry and, apparently, delivering for its customers in a big way. The startup made a name for itself this year—its first as an entrant in the CNP Awards—by taking home the Customer Choice award in both the Best Call Center Solution and Best PCI Compliance Provider categories.

PCI Pal enables organizations to take customer payments securely, particularly credit and debit card data, and to de-risk businesses from the threat of data loss and cybercrime, the company explains. It describes itself as the only true global cloud vendor of this type of technology solution and, as such, is uniquely positioned to work with clients on a global basis.

The company’s Agent Assist product enables agents to remain in contact with a caller at all times when a payment is being made using PCI Pal. The customer enters the relevant details from their card via the telephone keypad. This solution is designed to maintain a speech path throughout the entirety of the call, but prevents the DTMF (keypad) tones from entering the contact center environment, thus de-scoping the contact center environment from PCI DSS obligations and resulting in customers completing a PCI SAQ-A.

PCI Pal’s informative agent desktop application shows only asterisks as the digits are entered and as such gives the agent a visual indication of how the transaction is progressing while preventing the agent from ever seeing the customer’s credit card number. If the customer accidentally enters the wrong digits, the agent can easily reset the process while remaining in contact with the caller. The desktop application can either be used as a standalone application or integrated into the existing CRM application such as SalesForce.com, Magento, or even the payment provider’s hosted payment page, according to the company.

PCI Pal Agent Assist is available in an on-demand deployment model, meaning the solution is only used when securing a customer’s payment. This also means that PCI Pal is able to charge a scalable pricing model on a per-use basis that is truly adaptable to any size organization.

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