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NU Data Secutiry is the 2017 Best Identity Verification and Authentication Solution | Customer Choice

Best Identity Verification and Authentication Solution

2016-CNP-Award-Winner-Logo-NuData-SecurifyNuData Security followed up its 2016 Judges Choice win for Best Antifraud Solution with the Customer Choice Award in 2017 for Best Identity Verification Authentication Solution.

The Vancouver, B.C.-based company said it has experienced significant growth since introducing its NuDetect solution in 2013. Industry accolades in 2016, in addition to its CNP Award and including five Gartner Hype Cycle mentions, four Gartner highlights and several Forrester and Aite research paper mentions have resulted in incredible growth highlighted by the recent signing of two of the top five global banks, according to the company.

NuDetect is used by many Fortune 50 companies around the world. It runs on five of the top ten global e-commerce/m-commerce/digital goods companies, in addition to the global banks previously mentioned. It’s also used by clients in telco, online gaming/gambling, healthcare, airlines, travel, and media.

NuData notes that companies and institutions need a better way to verify users, and consumers need protection. NuDetect analyzes natural human behaviors and makes what customers do important again. When it comes to determining the good and bad in online identity verification, NuData goes beyond single-point solutions, and while these data points can be important to analyze as part of a multi-layered solution, NuData understands who users are by how they behave online, even when they have stolen valid credentials, the company states.

NuData does this by analyzing all that behavioral, biometric and device data consumers leave everywhere and compare this data to how users have acted before and how other entities like them usually behave in this situation. All of this is achieved without needing any personally identifiable information, according to the company. NuDetect uses this intelligence to help companies decide whether to let their customers do what they want to do online without any extra friction.

NuData says NuDetect’s aggregated trust consortium of billions of behavioral events empowers companies to shift their thinking from building walls to focusing on what matters most—acquiring good customers and giving them great experiences.

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