BluePay is the 2017 Best E-Commerce Platform/Gateway | Customer Choice

Best E-Commerce Platform/Gateway

2016-CNP-Award-Winner-Logo-BluePayAfter winning two Customer Choice in last year’s CNP Awards, BluePay one-upped itself by achieving a rare triple in 2017. The Naperville, Ill.-based online payment technology provider distinguished itself in the categories of Best Subscription/Recurring Billing Solution, Best Payment Service Provider, and Best E-Commerce Platform/Gateway.

BluePay’s loyal customer base includes healthcare offices, insurance agencies, property management companies, field service contractors, financial institutions, software providers, B2Bs, e-commerce subscription services, and nonprofits.

The company notes that it continuously evaluates the payments ecosystem to stay at the forefront of payments technology and remain the preferred omnichannel merchant account provider. A BluePay spokesperson says it delivers highly scalable, optimized solutions to meet its customers’ needs. Its technology is 100 percent developed in-house, never outsourced, by a team of 50-plus IT resources.

BluePay’s recurring billing solution allows its merchants to automate the billing process for a simpler payment experience and steady cash flow. By taking advantage of the recurring billing feature on the BluePay Gateway, merchants and customers can customize a schedule to meet their needs, guaranteeing on-time payments and increased revenue, according to the company.

Backed by the highest levels of security, BluePay’s PCI-compliant online gateway allows all merchants’ transactions, including recurring billing payments, to be tracked on one platform to deliver robust reporting and simplify the reconciliation process.

Additionally, merchants benefit from using Account Updater with their recurring billing, subscription services, or loyalty programs for repeat customers. It is estimated that up to 30 percent of card accounts experience a change every 12 months. Using Account Updater ensures payment information is always current to increase successful transactions, reduce the risk of lost revenue, minimize costs, and improve customer retention, the company says.

The BluePay Gateway serves businesses in both the U.S. and Canada. With advanced merchant hierarchy and management functions, the feature-rich gateway includes a virtual terminal, batch uploading, recurring billing, account updater, detailed transaction reporting, returns, voids, and auto-close/manual settlement features, according to the company.

The Midwestern company says it employs highly advanced security methods like tokenization and encryption. Additionally, it offers a robust suite of fraud management tools that allows merchants to set parameters and filters to help detect and reduce fraud on their merchant account. Merchants may also choose to use secure hosted payment forms (SHPF) and EMV chip readers, or as an alternative option, integrate payment acceptance directly into their JavaScript applications using the BluePay.js encryption library.

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