Semafone is the 2017 Best Call Center Solution | Judge's Choice

Best Call Center Solution

2016-CNP-Award-Winner-Logo-SemafoneWinning the Judges Choice Award for Best Call Center Solution is Semafone. This is the second consecutive year that Semafone has received this honor.

Semafone was established in 2009 to protect and remove sensitive credit and debit cards in call centers. Using patented technology, Semafone securely captures personally identifiable information including credit and debit card data, Social Security numbers, etc., taken over the phone by contact centers, thereby helping improve customer service and security simultaneously.

Safeguards available through Semafone include a variety of controls that a call center must have in place to secure the card data environment. Semafone firmly believes that the best way to prevent fraud and reduce risk is to remove the card data from the equation. It has become axiomatic at the U.K.-based company: the bad guys can’t hack what you don’t hold.

Semafone says it reduces compliance costs by up to 85 percent by reducing the amount of technology required—such as hardware, logging tools and security patches—as well as the level of human effort involved in carrying out all necessary checks and controls.

Semafone says it integrates with all existing call center technology including all telephony switches and no upgrades or changes to CRM or call-recording technology are required. Seamless integration with a payment gateway ensures rapid deployment and minimum disruption to business, according to the company.

In 2016, Semafone expanded into North America, and within six months of operation won contracts totaling $7.5 million, including one with a Fortune 500 insurance company—its largest-ever to date.

Semafone’s substantial investment in its North American operations has contributed significantly to its 30 percent growth in its customer base worldwide. Semafone’s customer base now includes businesses in 23 countries across five continents.

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