Kount is the 2017 Best Antifraud Solution | Customer Choice

Best Antifraud Solution

2016-CNP-Award-Winner-Logo-KountLike death and taxes, Kount winning a CNP Award has become a certainty. The company garnered the Customer Choice Award for Best Antifraud Solution for the third year in a row and has won either a Customer Choice or Judges Choice award every year of the CNP Awards’ existence.

The Boise, Idaho-based company’s Kount Central is a comprehensive fraud protection suite developed to protect payment service providers, payment processors, payment gateways, e-commerce platforms, hosted pay pages and acquiring banks and their entire merchant portfolio, while offering value-added services and additional revenue streams.

Through its integration of Kount Central with PSPs, Kount works with merchants of all sizes, from small, long-tail ones to Fortune 500 companies. Industries served include retail, travel, automotive, electronics, food/beverage, health/beauty, digital goods, gaming, telco, insurance, and ticketing/events.

Designed to provide a double layer of protection and increase the detection of fraud events for both PSPs and their merchant customers, Kount Central has been proven effective at reducing risk, increasing sales, and giving PSPs a new way to attract new business and maintain their current business, the company states.

A key component of Kount Central is its Continuous Underwriting functionality, which monitors and reacts to changing risk levels for each merchant and each transaction processed. With Kount Central, every organization in the payments approval and acceptance stream gets a comprehensive level of protection against the ever-growing risk of fraud.

Kount says its solution includes several modes of operation maximizing protection for processors and merchants while increasing order acceptance rates, dramatically reducing chargebacks and the need for manual review.

Another benefit of Kount Central is ease of implementation. With one simple integration, Kount Central helps the entire ecosystem—serving payment processors and their merchants of all sizes, the company says.

Kount notes that many of its customers have expressed how they have been able to add new product lines, expand to new international markets, or increase conversions to sales because they know fraud isn’t an issue with Kount protecting them.

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