Vantiv is the 2016 Best Processor | Judge's & Customer Choice

Best Processor

2016-CNP-Award-Winner-Logo-VantivVantiv is one of just two companies at this year’s CNP Awards that were recognized by both judges and customers as tops in a single category. The Cincinnati-based payment processor secured the Judges Choice Award and the Customer Choice Award for Best Processor.

Vantiv says its comprehensive, fully integrated payment processing platform is built on a foundation of agile, best-of-breed technology. It incorporates the latest generation in hardware, software, and systems technology to drive innovation and leadership in the payments industry. Monthly releases of production code enable Vantiv to quickly respond to both opportunities and changing market conditions that impact its merchants.

If past experiences in other geographies around the world are any indication, with the rise of EMV adoption among U.S. merchants, online fraud is expected to drastically increase as more fraudsters target e-commerce businesses. To provide a safer payment environment and protect customer data, Vantiv introduced Vantiv eProtect.

Vantiv eProtect is a comprehensive e-commerce data security solution that provides online merchants with end-to-end data protection by removing sensitive cardholder data from their checkout pages—and throughout their systems, storage, and use.

In alignment with PCI DSS Version 3.1, eProtect uses an iFrame approach that is fully-hosted in Vantiv's secure environment, transferring the risk of capturing and storing cardholder data from merchants to Vantiv. This approach reduces the scope of a merchant's PCI compliance responsibilities with minimal impact to their systems and operations. To avoid disruption to the consumer's checkout experience, the hosted payment fields are fully customizable and fit smoothly within a merchant's web page to replicate the existing style and layout of their website.

Vantiv eProtect utilizes OmniToken – Vantiv's secure tokenization service – that removes cardholder data from a merchant's systems and replaces it with a token that is virtually unusable to attackers attempting to steal that data. OmniToken values are used for all post-authorization operations, can be safely stored throughout a merchant's systems, and are practically useless to thieves, according to the company.

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