Trustwave is the 2020 Best PCI Compliance Provider | Judge's Choice

Best PCI Compliance Provider


A panel of independent judges chose Trustwave as the Judges Choice Award winner at this year’s CNP Awards in the Best PCI Compliance Provider category. Trustwave has years of experience working with merchants of all sizes, credit card processors, acquiring banks, independent sales organizations, and card brand owners around the world that have a merchant services portfolio. In addition to being a Qualified Security Assessor Company, Trustwave is recognized by the PCI Security Standards Council as a qualified Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) assessor, point-to-point encryption (P2PE) assessor, approved scanning vendor (ASV) and a PCI Forensic (PCIF) investigator.

Customers manage PCI compliance via the award-winning Trustwave TrustKeeper® platform, a secure web-based portal that is the foundation for delivering centralized, integrated and on-demand management of PCI compliance and security programs.

The Trustwave TrustKeeper® platform serves as the foundation for Trustwave compliance assessments and its turnkey merchant programs. More than 3 million businesses are enrolled in TrustKeeper, and it’s available in 17 languages.

The TrustKeeper portal allows for a single-access platform that provides customers with an intuitive interface that’s user friendly and easy to navigate. It helps identify security gaps and guide customers to maintain compliance with industry regulations. The platform was designed with customer input to automate the most common tasks and wizard-based experiences to make the compliance process easy.

TrustKeeper® PCI Manager is the cornerstone of some of the largest Level 4 merchant programs in the world. Through Trustwave’s acquiring bank and ISO partners, TrustKeeper provides PCI DSS compliance validation and information security solutions to millions of merchants. Processors, acquirers and ISOs enjoy the economies of scale from building their programs on TrustKeeper, while retaining flexibility to customize the portal for their specific market needs and branding efforts.


Judges Choice – Best PCI Compliance Provider