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Cardinal Commerce is the 2016 Best Identity Verification and Authentication Solution | Customer Choice

Best Identity Verification and Authentication Solution

cardinal-comerceFor the first time since the awards began in 2013, CardinalCommerce has been recognized as a CNP Award honoree. This year, customers recognized the Cleveland-area company in an online vote as provider of the Best Identity Verification and Authentication Solution.

Cardinal Consumer Authentication (CCA), incorporating 3-D Secure protocols, works around the traditional implementation of 3-D Secure, which historically caused consumer friction during checkout with unnecessary challenge screens, causing consumers to abandon their shopping carts. Cardinal Consumer Authentication is a patented, rules-based approach to authentication, giving the merchant choice and control over their buyers’ checkout experience, the company explains.

Cardinal looks at an issuer’s authentication experience (whether they are a risk-based bank or not), the merchant’s business (for example, if there are SKUs that are more prone to fraud, and whether transactions over a certain amount are more likely to be fraudulent) and helps merchants create rules based on the experiences they want for their consumers.

With CCA, merchants can increase their sales and improve their margins, while at the same time being tuned to the consumer experience, according to the company. Improved margins are represented by liability shift on fraudulent chargebacks, potential interchange savings, and less manual review. Increased sales are represented by increased authorizations on authenticated transactions and the ability to sell in mandated regions.

Cardinal Consumer Authentication also addresses the issue of false positives, where legitimate buyers’ purchases are declined in an effort to avoid fraud. CCA uses what is known about the consumer and what the issuing bank knows about their cardholder (using their risk-based approach) to authenticate consumers behind the scenes with zero friction more than 70 percent of the time, and some friction (like a security question or a one-time password) in the remaining cases.

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