PAY.ON is the 2016 Best E-Commerce Platform/Gateway | Judge's Choice

Best E-Commerce Platform/Gateway

2016-CNP-Award-Winner-Logo-PayOn-ACIFirst-time CNP Award winner PAY.ON, an ACI Worldwide company, has garnered recognition from a five-judge panel as provider of the Best E-commerce Platform/Gateway. PAY.ON, based in Munich, Germany, has built a global business as a provider of payment infrastructure for PSPs, ISOs, acquirers, and ISVs/VARs. PAY.ON’s modular gateway solutions connect payment providers—and their merchants—to this open payment infrastructure via a single, unified API. The result is the Open Payment Platform: an e-commerce payment solution the company says delivers on the promise of simplicity, speed, and flexibility.

PAY.ON’s primary objective was to develop a cloud-based payment infrastructure based on the most flexible open platform architecture. The company is convinced that fundamentally open technology is the key to overcoming obstacles created by closed legacy systems. Open technology is defined as that which is accessible (publicly available and in standard formats), flexible (services that can be combined and do not limit users), and transparent (interactive documentation and clear commercial terms).

The Open Payment Platform was launched in February 2015. Within one year, nearly half of PAY.ON’s clients had migrated, with more than 25 percent of total transaction volume being processed by the platform on behalf of more than 1,600 merchants, according to the company.

More than 25 separate APIs and SDKs (including Apple Pay) were successfully merged into one unified RESTful API, requiring a single technical integration. Notably, the platform architecture was designed to work alongside and augment existing closed (legacy) systems, or to operate as a fully outsourced gateway solution.

Through the Open Payment Platform, payment providers and merchants can outsource PCI compliance, link to over 15 third-party fraud prevention providers, receive specialized business services, connect to more than 350 acquirers and alternative payment methods in over 160 countries, and benefit from ACI ReD Shield real-time fraud prevention solutions. Three to four new market-relevant “connectors” are added to PAY.ON’s global network monthly.

Judges Choice – Best E-Commerce Platform Gateway