Chargebacks911 is the 2016 Best Chargeback Management Solution | Customer Choice

Best Chargeback Management Solution

chargebacks-911First-time CNP Awards honoree Chargebacks911 was recognized by an online vote of users as the Best Chargeback Management Program.

Founded in 2009, Chargebacks911 specializes in helping CNP merchants manage chargebacks by preventing loss, minimizing risk and recovering revenue. The company states that it services more than 2,500 merchants in 87 languages, and manages more than two million transactions monthly.

To address what it felt were shortcomings in the industry, Chargebacks911 created a solution derived from hands-on experience and an intimate understanding of what merchants really need. Its patented technology helps uncover the true chargeback source with rich diagnostics that provide real-time feedback.

Chargebacks911 products provide customized solutions to meet the specific needs of each merchant; dynamic, adaptive solutions; liberation of resources; non-dependence on fully-automated or static technologies; and human forensics coupled with intelligent machine learning.

Its Intelligent Source Detection uses a combination of patent-pending technologies, human forensics, dynamic machine learning, and extensive data analysis that identifies true chargeback triggers.

According to the company, ISD allows Chargebacks911 to do three things:

- Implement effective prevention strategies. Solutions must target the true source of the problem, not merely the symptoms.
- Identify friendly fraud. By scientifically exposing friendly fraud, Chargebacks911 re-educates both issuers and cardholders to help close the gap.
- Dispute more chargebacks. Distinguishing friendly fraud from indisputable chargeback triggers allows Chargebacks911 to fight chargebacks that are otherwise accepted as a loss.

And, the company said, its Tactical Chargeback Representment virtually eliminates second chargebacks and prevents future chargebacks by improving the merchant-issuer relationship.

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