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Best Antifraud Solution

2016-CNP-Award-Winner-Logo-KountBoise, Idaho-based Kount has been recognized as a winner every year since The CNP Awards were first presented in 2012. This year, the antifraud technology provider continued its run when it was presented with the Customer Choice Award for Best Antifraud Solution.

After seven years of industry-leading, enterprise-level, fraud-fighting experience, Kount says it cranked the battle against fraud up a notch in the past year. In September of 2014, Kount launched Kount Central, a comprehensive fraud and risk management platform designed specifically for merchant aggregation points (MAPs): acquirers, payment processors, gateways and e-commerce platforms.

Kount Central, a security-as-a-service that combats fraud at the MAPs, applies two layers of protection, fortifying both the merchant and the MAPs against fraudulent transactions, the company explains. Targeting the top of the payment chain, the product integrates with MAPs, providing their online merchant customers of all sizes with technology to reduce fraud.

Instead of protecting merchants one at a time, Kount Central allows MAPs to provide industry-leading fraud mitigation at the “choke point,” moving orders up the payments ecosystem. MAPs are now able to provide added value with proven services that will enable their merchants to increase sales without the fraud risk associated with online payments, according to Kount.

The Kount Central solution requires only a single integration with the payment processor, allowing merchants to implement the service seamlessly and without the need for an in-house fraud expert or IT resources. This “instant-on/zero integration” means even the largest merchants can be up and running in minutes.

Kount Central provides for increased revenue, customized solutions, quick response time, a maximized bottom line, and use of patented technologies to fight fraud, according to the company.

Customer Choice – Best Antifraud Solution