ItsPayd is the 2016 Best Alternative Payment Solution | Judge's Choice

Best Alternative Payment Solution

2016-CNP-Award-Winner-Logo-ItsPaydTemecula, Calif.-based startup ItsPayd caught the eye of both judges and customers at this year’s CNP Awards, earning the Judges Choice Award for Best Alternative Payment Solution and the Customer Choice Award for Best Mobile Solution. ItsPayd leverages mobile technology to reduce write-offs while improving customer experience. The company says its mission is to create a system that eliminates the need for collections by offering businesses a solution to help customers facing financial difficulties.

ItsPayd is a cloud-based software application that allows its users to offer several custom payment plans to settle past due accounts. Customers select a payment plan that best meets their current cash flow. All of this can be accessed on a mobile device.

The company uses Text/SMS and e-mail to communicate with hard-to-reach customers and work with them in a way that retains future commerce. Its technology allows companies to effectively track communications with their customers, ultimately enabling businesses to quickly determine the most efficient method of recovering money while retaining their customer.

ItsPayd says it eliminates the need for collection company services in two ways. First, it uses mobile technology to communicate with customers. And second, it automates the process of setting up payment plans to settle debts.

With ItsPayd, companies experience a level of control that was never possible before. And every account is handled by the company with the same level of care, no matter how large or how small.

In a world with an ever-changing landscape of customers and needs, ItsPayd considers itself an essential partner for modern businesses. Designed with the future of business and customer-buying behavior in mind, ItsPayd is focused on providing clear, actionable data. ItsPayd provides the communications, payment methods, accessibility, and expertise to provide the service of the future, today.

Judges Choice – Best Alternative Payment Solution