SecureNet is the 2015 Best Processor | Customer Choice

Best Processor

2015-CNPAward-SecureNetFor the second year in a row, the Customer Choice Award for Best Processor goes to SecureNet, a Worldpay company.

According to SecureNet, merchants have long been frustrated with the challenges of reconciling product inventory across multiple sales channels because their mobile, online and brick-and-mortar systems can’t speak to each other. To help solve this issue, the company developed and launched in March 2014 its Inventory Management system with the PayOS mobile app. SecureNet says Inventory Management allows for seamless integration within a single payment platform to reconcile all sales via mobile, in-store and online.

Inventory Management, SecureNet explains, allows merchants to use their payment system to easily track across all locations what they have in stock, what they’ve sold and when they need to replenish - with the added ability to set replenishment thresholds and alerts. Sales and inventory data can even be sorted by location, store, channel and timeframe (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly) into actionable graphs, the company notes.

Now, business owners with multiple locations are able to see what they’re selling, where they’re selling and how each store is performing, according to SecureNet. The company’s Inventory Management feature also boasts direct import and export capabilities that allow for the transfer and integration of inventory data into other process management and technology systems. It’s even compatible with third-party e-commerce platforms so businesses don’t have to completely overhaul their existing systems, SecureNet says.

SecureNet also launched last year a new set of API integrations, which it says is the industry’s first and only single stack of language-agnostic APIs for all payments (card-present, card-not-present and ACH) and all channels (in-store, online and mobile). This new approach is designed to work with any platform or shopping solution in any industry, thus allowing developers to avoid having to use different processors, versions or stacks when building out their online and mobile stores.

Customer Choice - Best Processor